Ex-Girlfriends, written and directed by Alexander Poe

Synopsis: Ex-Girlfriends is a feature comedy about three people trying to sort out their love lives while questioning the contradictions and complexities of modern relationships. When Graham (writer/director Alexander Poe) runs into his ex-girlfriend, Laura (Kristen Connolly from Cabin in the Woods), he immediately falls back in love until he learns that she has a new boyfriend (Noah Bean from Damages). What neither of them know is that Laura’s new boyfriend is two-timing her with Graham’s other ex-girlfriend, Kate (Jennifer Carpenter from Dexter).

Made on a budget raised through crowd funding, Ex-Girlfriends is the feature follow-up to my 2009 short film The Eight Percent (starring Ben McKenzie from Southland and winner of the Delta Best Short Film Award at the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival). I’ve always been intrigued by the complicated nature of relationships and the search for happiness. I love films like Eric Rohmer’s Moral Tales or Francois Truffaut’s Antoine Doinel films that show relationships in all of their complexity and contradictory emotions. When I started thinking about directing my first feature I knew that I wanted to tell a story that found the drama and the comedy inherent in our oft-misguided attempts to find happiness.

Visit the website at: www.exgirlfriendsmovie.com

An article written by Alexander Poe for Filmmaker Magazine on making the film can be read here: http://www.filmmakermagazine.com/news/2011/11/the-microbudget-conversation-ex-girlfriends/

Alexander Poe is a New York based filmmaker with an MFA in film from Columbia University. His feature film debut as writer/director/actor, Ex-Girlfriends (co-starring Jennifer Carpenter from Showtime’s Dexter and Kristen Connolly from Cabin in the Woods, is currently in submission to festivals. His short film, The Eight Percent (starring Ben McKenzie from Southland), won the Delta Fly-In Movies award at the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival and his play, I Was Tom Cruise, won Outstanding Play at the 2006 New York International Fringe Festival. His writing/directing work has also been seen at the Tropfest@Tribeca Film Festival, the New York 48 Hour Film Project (winner Best Film 2007), the NYC Midnight Madness Film Competition (winner Best Horror Film 2006), the Edgar Allan Poe Theatre Festival and the Williamstown Theatre Festival.

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Khsara, written and directed by Suha Araj

Khsara is a comedy feature about women who don’t get married “in time.”

I’m Suha, an Arab-American woman making a film about a not-so-often-told, but often-experienced story: The unmarried woman past her prime. Despite her successes in life, her lack of life’s “most important” accomplishment, a HUSBAND, leaves her with the most undesirable designation: “Khsara.” Khsara, an Arabic word, means “What a shame” “Too bad” “What a pity.”

It’s a universal phenomenon. In other communities khsara might be: “pickled”(Iran), “on the shelf”(Australia), “spinster” (USA), “lost the bus” (Latin America) or “Christmas cake” (Japan).

Synopsis: When naïve Arab American Nisreen is deflowered and dumped by her boyfriend at the tender age of 29 she falls at risk of becoming a Khsara at age 30. Her sassy 35-year-old divorcee cousin Gina inspires Nisreen to start the Khsara Club finding sisterhood and adventure against her mother’s attempts at suitors and society’s judgment of their unwed status, until Nisreen must eventually choose between a modern or traditional life.

Khsara has been developed with the Sundance Rawi screenwriter’s lab, the Interchange program (Torino Film Lab, EAVE, and Dubai Film Festival), IFP, Film Society of Lincoln Center, Emerging Visionaries, Berlin Talent Campus and Market. For more information and to support this project, please visit the links below. Thank you!

kickstarter: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1955539544/khsara
website: www.khsara.com
twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/khsaraclub
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KhsaraClub

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Whaling City, written and directed by Jay Burke

Synopsis: Whaling City is a dramatic narrative feature film set in New Bedford, Mass. in the rapidly changing world of the modern fishing industry. It tells the story of a third-generation independent commercial fisherman, struggling to keep a grasp on his way of life – and a long-held family boat – as costs rise and the heavily regulated fishing industry is pushed towards a corporate model of efficiency. While developing an unlikely relationship with a marine biologist, he is tempted to do whatever it takes to keep his boat.

The Whaling City screenplay was workshopped at Columbia University’s graduate film program from 1999 to 2002. It won the 2005 Alfred P. Sloan Screenwriting Award and the 2007 Sloan Feature Film Production Grant, and has been recognized in Daily Variety and The Hollywood Reporter.

Principal photography was completed in fall 2010. Whaling City is currently in post-production and in the process of submitting to film festivals.

Web Links:

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Cabby, Written/Directed/Edited by Xiaocao Liu

Cabby: A lonely cab driver tries to connect with people in the busy city of Beijing.

Year of Production: 2011
Running Time: 18:38 minutes
Produced by Yige SunCo-Producers Leon Gao, Xiaocao Liu
Director of Photography Dongliang Yang
Composer Richard Xu
Sound Design Vera Qiao
Cast Xu Guan, Jun He, Peiyao Liu

Writer/Director Xiaocao Liu

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Turnabout (2012 Movie Trailer)

Billy Cain needs help. Perry Hayes can help him.
The fifteen years of silence between them abruptly ends when a phone rings in the middle of the night. In no time, these former best friends finally connect. What ensues is a hazy night of excessive indulgence that ultimately turns tragic and by daybreak their lives will have changed forever.

Turnabout (2012 Movie Trailer). Trailer Debut at The 2012 Sundance Independent Film Festival. Starring Waylon Payne, George Katt, Rosebud Baker and Sayra Player. Featuring Peter Greene. Written and Directed by E.B. Hughes. Produced by Jon McGrath. Original Music by Jeff Bowron. Turnabout (2012 Movie Trailer) Designed and Edited by Jeff Bowron for Eggshell Films.

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Donna Wheeler (Filmmaker Donna)

Death of a Saleswoman
Written and directed by Donna Wheeler (Filmmaker Donna)
6 housewives. One dead body. A trunk full of plastic storageware.
Nominated for Best Feature and Best Comedy awards at more than seven U.S. and Canadian film festivals, and winner of Best Feature and Best Director awards at two festivals, this “quirky new twist on the whodunit genre” (withoutabox.com) combines a comedic, Emmy nominated** cast with an intricately woven plot about devious housewives – who kill for plastic storageware fame and fortune.
When star RubberTubber saleswoman, Agatha Ruby is shot down in cold blood during her morning jog (and $6500 worth of her storageware is stolen!), the police hone in on the suspects – all 200 of them. Everyone in Aggie’s hometome of Mametville, WA knew her personally. And nearly all had reasons to kill her. See if you can figure it out.
**Ursula Burton (The Office, 2007)

Website: http://www.deathofasaleswoman.com

Isabella and Lucy (working title)
Isabella is a burnt-out, sarcastic, 20-something social worker who has cynically given up her dreams for real love and makes a living attempting to help broken families reunite. Isabella’s estranged and loose canon younger sister, Rachel, arrives to stay at Isabella’s house after a debilitating car accident. Isabella and Rachel parted ways many years ago because of the untimely death of their mother, from an accidental overdose, that happened in front of a 10 yr old Isabella while she was home sick from school.

Jim is Isabella’s fiance, an overly ambitious and needy attorney working in the child care system. Despite having to take time off to care for the troublesome Rachel, and deal with her teetering relationship with Jim, Isabella becomes the case worker for the equally feisty Lucy. Lucy is a 10 yr old orphan whose younger brother, Joshua, accidentally drowned in a swimming accident while Lucy was playing with him. Lucy’s grieving and detached mother, Helen, is unable to effectively deal with the loss since she was watching the kids when the accident happened. Helen has placed Lucy into the foster care system and wants some time away from mothering, to sort out her feelings and her life – and to possibly give Lucy up for adoption.

Lucy wants only to reunite with her broken family. But her father, Ben, left to fight in the Iraq war while Lucy was growing up, and wants nothing to do with the family’s recent problems, especially after Joshua’s tragic accident. Ben and Helen are at odds about how to handle Joshua’s death and Lucy’s life.

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Matt Glasson

Love Stalker, a feature film written and directed by Matt Glasson.

Synopsis – Love Stalker is the story of a 30-something bar-hopping player named Pete (writer/director Matt Glasson) who lives to “play the game” and bed as many women as possible. Things change for him once he meets Stephanie (Rachel Chapman), a web-savvy relationship blogger, and the two begin to get romantic. However, when she discovers the extent of his player ways, she ends the relationship, driving Pete to stalker-like lengths in his rom-com inspired efforts to win her back.

Love Stalker premiered at the St. Louis Int’l Film Fest last year. We currently are selling the DVD off of our website and have screenings coming up next month in Chicago and ST. Louis.

Official website – www.lovestalker.com
Press/reviews – http://www.lovestalker.com/press.html
Facebook – facebook.com/lovestalker
IndieGoGo (used to raise money during production)- indiegogo.com/lovestalker
Trailer – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImqF-mAYeqM
Images and artwork from the film – www.lovestalker.com/press/photos/

Bio – Matt Glasson (co-director/co-producer/co-writer/actor) has been into movies since his mother first took him to see Bambi as a kid. Born and raised in the Northwestern suburbs of Chicago, he was drawn to the arts as a musician, performer and later photographer and video-maker. His passion for cinema compelled him to attend Columbia College’s acclaimed film program where he further honed his skills as a filmmaker and writer. In 1998, Glasson moved to New York City where he started the performance art rock band God The Band, which went onto cult status in Brooklyn’s underground music scene before disbanding in 2002. In the years since, he has worked as a freelance video editor, photographer and director for various music videos and short films. In 2010, along with his partners B. Bowls MacLean and David P. Ohligher, Glasson co-wrote/co-produced and co-directed the feature film Love Stalker, in which he also acts as the principal character Pete. Love Stalker marks his debut feature as a filmmaker.

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Lev Polyakov

Above still from the animated music video My Heart Belongs to You, directed By Lev Polyakov.
Synopsis: A hamster in love with an elementary school teacher dreams about rescuing her from evil demons.
Watch My Heart Belongs to You:

Lev Polyakov – Animation Director

Film trailers:
Only Love : http://goo.gl/wkyRk
Fantastic Plastic : http://goo.gl/M0Ib3

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Whitney Hamilton

A Rogue in Londinium, a feature film written and directed by Whitney Hamilton.

Websites: www.arogueinlondiniummovie.com ; www.union-movie.com
Blog: www.arogueinlondiniummovie.blogspot.com

Synopsis of A Rogue in Londinium: London 1888. It is the winter before the infamous Jack the Ripper murders. Richard Rhys is a painter and a womanizer. One evening while rendezvousing with a prostitute in a back alley Richard is shadowed by a man, Jules Whitby, who has invented a prototype of the first motion picture camera. Richard has a row with the whore and later wakes up to find the woman dead with her throat cut. Victoria Thornton, a wealthy philanthropist in an arranged marriage with one of the richest men in London, encounters Richard in a chance meeting in the rough East End and tends to his wounds in the street. Moved by her compassion Richard cannot forget her. Piqued by his charisma she cannot forget him.

However, when Richard is commissioned by Mr. Thornton to paint a portrait of his wife he realizes who she is. Victoria is startled and pleased to find the man she helped in the street and so begins their afternoons of art. With each appointment Victoria and Richard find themselves falling for each other. And so begins their great love affair. When Victoria realizes she is pregnant she sails for New York to avoid a scandal that could jeopardize her husband’s social standing and her own reputation. Broken-hearted, Richard, unable to let the love of his life slip away, scrapes up the money to book passage and reunite with Victoria. A Rogue in Londinium is a passionate love story about redemption, the strength of spirit and the conviction of the soul.

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Filmmaker Kim Cummings

Kim Cummings: Writer/Director/Producer

Kim Cummings is the writer/director of Weeki Wachee Girls, a 20-minute short, which played in over seventy festivals around the world. It picked up three “best of” awards and was a finalist at Taos in 2000. It aired on San Francisco’s PBS station and NY Metro Channels and was distributed by Atomfilms. Previous writing credits include a one-act play, Lunch At Tom’s Ham & Eggery, which was a finalist at New York’s Strawberry One-Act Festival in 2004. Her last film, a 5-minute experimental piece, Flower Of A Girl,played in festivals throughout the Northeast. She recently directed That’s What She Told Me, a short film about one woman’s journey to find the father she never knew. In Montauk is her first feature.

Logline for In Montauk

A pregnant photographer on the cusp of success has an affair which leads her to a life-changing decision.

Synopsis of In Montauk

In Montauk is a drama about an artist on the cusp of success, who has an affair which leads her to a life-changing decision. Photographer Julie Wagner is taking photos in Montauk in the off-season for her first solo show. Pregnant, alone and under pressure to create new work for the impending show, she becomes involved with Christian, a composer, who becomes her muse and lover. Complicating matters is Julie’s husband Josh. Who will she choose? And who will pay the consequences?

Website: http://inmontauk.sirenstalefilms.com

Fundraising Site: http://rkthb.com/4344


Synopsis of That’s What She Told Me

Nashville meets Little Miss Sunshine in this short film about a NYC painter, Carly North, whose love affair with a wanna-be singing Cowboy and creative life have ground to a halt. After a visit from the Ghost of Johnny Cash, she is propelled on a surreal trip throughout the wilds of Upstate New York to find the father she has never met . . .That’s What She Told Me explores fantasy infringing on reality, and the struggle to decipher what is real and what isn’t. Using music, an American icon, and the lure of the road; this story speaks to anyone who has ever wondered where they really come from and whether we like it or not: the indelible mark of family on our lives.
Kim Cummings
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