Stranger, written by Nadia Carmon, directed by Jeremiah Kipp

Stranger is a short film about a young woman on the verge of madness, paranoia and hallucination.

Status: Complete, as of March 2014

On May 10th it will premiere at Beyond the Beaten Path Film Festival in SoCal, sponsored by the SoCal Independent Film Festival.

Screenwriter, Nadia Carmon: Nadia Carmon is a screenwriter, photographer, and film and music reviewer based in New York City. She is published under the name Praxilla (of Sicyon), under which she creates art inspired by the Gothic Horror genre. Currently she is writing a full length film called Demonized. In addition she writes for several Dark Gothic lifestyle and Metal magazines including Prysm Magazine, deVour Magazine and The Offering.

Other than film, she is a Biology Major (Italian Minor) with an interests in everything from genetics and genomics to robotics and artificial intelligence.

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