X: The Human Condition, directed by Michael Nova

A love story of a different kind…Two alienated artists, each trapped in their own surreal existence, believe that no one else feels their feelings of alienation and loneliness, yet still retain some hope that there is someone out there who understands. Each is mysteriously driven to create the ultimate work of art, one that will make a difference.
Desperate, they each create something magical… living, breathing works of art that take over where they left off, inspiring other lonely people to come together…

X: The Human Condition draws on Michael Nova’s own past experience of feeling alienated while facing and overcoming life challenges, and this film is his inspired mission to speak for and help those who are experiencing their own personal challenges. X: The Human Condition is the allegorical story of two individuals searching for human connection in their increasingly cold, technologically-driven lives. A timely story, as studies show that people feel more alone than ever despite being more connected than ever, it is already resonating with people worldwide (it’s received rave reviews from Mexico to Australia).

As president of Nova Music Productions, Inc., Michael was featured in the New York Times as a pioneer in offering multiple services to independent artists in the music industry. Educating his clients to “do it yourself,” Michael followed his own advice and completed X: The Human Condition as a D.I.Y. undertaking. With no previous film industry experience, he fully funded, wrote, directed and co-edited the film portion of the project while composing and co-producing the music. Despite losing his sight and being stricken with chronic kidney disease, Michael worked for 12 years and completed X: The Human Condition on a shoestring budget. He’s written an article to help other indie filmmakers that is available free for download at: http://hypnoticalentertainment.com/keys-to-successful-filmmaking/.

You can see the film trailer at http://hypnoticalentertainment.com/media/.

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