Searching for Camelot, directed by Roger Paradiso

Searching For Camelot Trailer from Nicholas Dewitt on Vimeo.

Searching For Camelot is a documentary about a group of millennials who explore the romantic fantasy of “Camelot”. Why did Jackie choose Camelot to frame her husband’s thousand days in Office? What was the connection to Camelot? Was there a secret love affair in the White House? How did Jack and Jackie influence and inspire generations, including the current generation appearing in this film? You will see and hear things you never knew, told by people who are only interested in finding the truth behind the myth.

Jack and Jackie Kennedy rocked the world with their campaign for Peace, Equality and Culture, forever changing the course of History. We see these events through the eyes of our young searchers. They may have heard about some of these events, but by listening to our experts and by doing their own research they present an interesting and original perspective on the Kennedy legacy. This is a celebration of a great love story and two remarkable people who brought America into the New Frontier of hope and dreams that in time changed the World.

“A man may die, nations may fall, but an idea lives on” – John F.Kennedy

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