Donna Wheeler (Filmmaker Donna)

Death of a Saleswoman
Written and directed by Donna Wheeler (Filmmaker Donna)
6 housewives. One dead body. A trunk full of plastic storageware.
Nominated for Best Feature and Best Comedy awards at more than seven U.S. and Canadian film festivals, and winner of Best Feature and Best Director awards at two festivals, this “quirky new twist on the whodunit genre” ( combines a comedic, Emmy nominated** cast with an intricately woven plot about devious housewives – who kill for plastic storageware fame and fortune.
When star RubberTubber saleswoman, Agatha Ruby is shot down in cold blood during her morning jog (and $6500 worth of her storageware is stolen!), the police hone in on the suspects – all 200 of them. Everyone in Aggie’s hometome of Mametville, WA knew her personally. And nearly all had reasons to kill her. See if you can figure it out.
**Ursula Burton (The Office, 2007)


Isabella and Lucy (working title)
Isabella is a burnt-out, sarcastic, 20-something social worker who has cynically given up her dreams for real love and makes a living attempting to help broken families reunite. Isabella’s estranged and loose canon younger sister, Rachel, arrives to stay at Isabella’s house after a debilitating car accident. Isabella and Rachel parted ways many years ago because of the untimely death of their mother, from an accidental overdose, that happened in front of a 10 yr old Isabella while she was home sick from school.

Jim is Isabella’s fiance, an overly ambitious and needy attorney working in the child care system. Despite having to take time off to care for the troublesome Rachel, and deal with her teetering relationship with Jim, Isabella becomes the case worker for the equally feisty Lucy. Lucy is a 10 yr old orphan whose younger brother, Joshua, accidentally drowned in a swimming accident while Lucy was playing with him. Lucy’s grieving and detached mother, Helen, is unable to effectively deal with the loss since she was watching the kids when the accident happened. Helen has placed Lucy into the foster care system and wants some time away from mothering, to sort out her feelings and her life – and to possibly give Lucy up for adoption.

Lucy wants only to reunite with her broken family. But her father, Ben, left to fight in the Iraq war while Lucy was growing up, and wants nothing to do with the family’s recent problems, especially after Joshua’s tragic accident. Ben and Helen are at odds about how to handle Joshua’s death and Lucy’s life.

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