Whitney Hamilton

A Rogue in Londinium, a feature film written and directed by Whitney Hamilton.

Websites: www.arogueinlondiniummovie.com ; www.union-movie.com
Blog: www.arogueinlondiniummovie.blogspot.com

Synopsis of A Rogue in Londinium: London 1888. It is the winter before the infamous Jack the Ripper murders. Richard Rhys is a painter and a womanizer. One evening while rendezvousing with a prostitute in a back alley Richard is shadowed by a man, Jules Whitby, who has invented a prototype of the first motion picture camera. Richard has a row with the whore and later wakes up to find the woman dead with her throat cut. Victoria Thornton, a wealthy philanthropist in an arranged marriage with one of the richest men in London, encounters Richard in a chance meeting in the rough East End and tends to his wounds in the street. Moved by her compassion Richard cannot forget her. Piqued by his charisma she cannot forget him.

However, when Richard is commissioned by Mr. Thornton to paint a portrait of his wife he realizes who she is. Victoria is startled and pleased to find the man she helped in the street and so begins their afternoons of art. With each appointment Victoria and Richard find themselves falling for each other. And so begins their great love affair. When Victoria realizes she is pregnant she sails for New York to avoid a scandal that could jeopardize her husband’s social standing and her own reputation. Broken-hearted, Richard, unable to let the love of his life slip away, scrapes up the money to book passage and reunite with Victoria. A Rogue in Londinium is a passionate love story about redemption, the strength of spirit and the conviction of the soul.

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