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Love Stalker, a feature film written and directed by Matt Glasson.

Synopsis – Love Stalker is the story of a 30-something bar-hopping player named Pete (writer/director Matt Glasson) who lives to “play the game” and bed as many women as possible. Things change for him once he meets Stephanie (Rachel Chapman), a web-savvy relationship blogger, and the two begin to get romantic. However, when she discovers the extent of his player ways, she ends the relationship, driving Pete to stalker-like lengths in his rom-com inspired efforts to win her back.

Love Stalker premiered at the St. Louis Int’l Film Fest last year. We currently are selling the DVD off of our website and have screenings coming up next month in Chicago and ST. Louis.

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Bio – Matt Glasson (co-director/co-producer/co-writer/actor) has been into movies since his mother first took him to see Bambi as a kid. Born and raised in the Northwestern suburbs of Chicago, he was drawn to the arts as a musician, performer and later photographer and video-maker. His passion for cinema compelled him to attend Columbia College’s acclaimed film program where he further honed his skills as a filmmaker and writer. In 1998, Glasson moved to New York City where he started the performance art rock band God The Band, which went onto cult status in Brooklyn’s underground music scene before disbanding in 2002. In the years since, he has worked as a freelance video editor, photographer and director for various music videos and short films. In 2010, along with his partners B. Bowls MacLean and David P. Ohligher, Glasson co-wrote/co-produced and co-directed the feature film Love Stalker, in which he also acts as the principal character Pete. Love Stalker marks his debut feature as a filmmaker.

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