Turnabout (2012 Movie Trailer)

Billy Cain needs help. Perry Hayes can help him.
The fifteen years of silence between them abruptly ends when a phone rings in the middle of the night. In no time, these former best friends finally connect. What ensues is a hazy night of excessive indulgence that ultimately turns tragic and by daybreak their lives will have changed forever.

Turnabout (2012 Movie Trailer). Trailer Debut at The 2012 Sundance Independent Film Festival. Starring Waylon Payne, George Katt, Rosebud Baker and Sayra Player. Featuring Peter Greene. Written and Directed by E.B. Hughes. Produced by Jon McGrath. Original Music by Jeff Bowron. Turnabout (2012 Movie Trailer) Designed and Edited by Jeff Bowron for Eggshell Films.

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