Funeral Day, directed by Jon Weinberg

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Los Angeles, Calif. (May 2018) – In Due Time Productions and indie film leader Random Media present June 12th national DVD, Digital and VOD release of a dark, quirky and timely new comedy feature, Funeral Day. It is the story of Scott, a neurotic man, who thinks he found a lump on his testicles and fears he might be dying, so he skips his friend’s funeral. Instead, all in the course of a day, he quits his job; begs for a second chance at love; attempts to look death in the face and of course gets his prostate milked — all in the name of ‘living life to the fullest.”

Cheered at film festivals with awards including ‘Best Comedy Feature’ at the Twister Alley Film Festival and the Jim Thorpe Independent Film Festival, Funeral Day stars and is directed by Jon Weinberg. The quirky and hilarious feature also stars Tyler Labine (Super Troopers 2, Tucker & Dale Vs Evil), Suzy Nakamura (TV’s Doctor Ken, Modern Family), Dominic Rains (Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Girl Who Walks Home Alone At Night), Tygh Runyan (Versailles, K-19 The Widowmaker), Kristin Carey (TV’s Scandal), Jed Rees (American Made, Deadpool), Rahnuma Panthaky (TV’s Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders) and Sarah Adina (TV’s The Young and the Restless).

Although a comedy, Director/star Jon Weinberg and Screenwriter Kris Elgstrand’s Funeral Day ultimately deals with the serious subjects of mortality and testicular cancer. In creating the film, Weinberg and Elgstrand were proud to have joined forces with the Testicular Cancer Society ( during post production, and continue to work with the organization, to promote education. It’s their hope that by creating an atmosphere of comedy surrounding the sensitive subject, they might increase awareness of the need to ‘check yourself.’

Debut on DVD, Digital and VOD
June 12, 2018

Scott thinks he might be dying. Not at all an uncommon thought for Scott, but today the lump he believes he found “down there” might actually be real. Today also happens to be the day of his friend Ken’s funeral who did in fact die of cancer. When his buddy Chris comes to pick him up for the funeral, Scott refuses to go. Instead, he sets off on a mission to make some “dramatic” changes in his life and he doesn’t have much time because, well, he may be terminal himself. Skipping a friend’s funeral and pissing off a buddy may not be the best way to start his mission, but Scott is nothing if not determined. (Determined to avoid death, doctors, and adult responsibilities, but determined nevertheless). Along the way he quits his job; begs for a 2nd chance at love; attempts to look death in the face and, of course, gets his prostate milked — all in the name of changing his life. Maybe it will all make a difference. Maybe not. But at the very least this day has given him the courage to start taking on some responsibilities… and to get someone qualified to check his nuts.

Funeral Day’s dark comedic humor struck a chord with film festivals, netting a wide selection of honors, including:

Best Comedy Feature at the Twister Alley Film Festival (a festival that was included in the
2017 MovieMaker Magazine Top 50) and the Jim Thorpe Independent Film Festival.

Best Director, Feature Film at the Windy City Int’l Film Festival and the Austin Revolution
Film Festival

Other festivals included: Key West Film Festival, Twin Cities Film Fest, Vienna Independent Film Festival, Gig Harbor Film Festival, Readin Film Festival and more.

Funeral Day has a running time of 80 minutes and is not rated.
Starring: Jon Weinberg, Tyler Labine, Suzy Nakamura, Dominic Rains, Tygh Runyan, Kristen Carey, Jed Rees, Rahnuma Panthaky and Sarah Adina.
Director: Jon Weinberg
Screenwriter: Kris Engstrand
Original Music: Ariel Blumenthal
Producer: Jon Weinberg, Ron Butler, Christopher Carley and Jesse Alson-Milkman
Executive Producers: David I Weinberg and William Brydon
Director of Photography: Jeffrey A. Cunningham
Production Designer: Caitlin Linguine
Editor: Jay Trautman

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Funeral Day
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