Awake, written and directed by Mark Finguerra

Synopsis: Eddie is at the end of his rope. His girlfriend is pregnant, and he’s retreated into binge drinking after he discovers that his mother conceived him with an anonymous sperm donation. He commits to tracking the donor down, succeeds, and in desperation ventures out to meet him.

He’s an incredibly rich recluse, Lawrence Watkins. Thinking Eddie has been sent to kill him, he takes Eddie hostage.

During the subsequent interrogation, Eddie discovers his biological father is not only insane but that he’s also suffering from a rare disease: fatal familial insomnia. There’s no cure, and those whom it afflicts lose the ability to sleep, then lose their minds before eventually dying. A battle of wills between the two men follows, and the trajectory of both lives is permanently altered.

Eddie – Donovan Patton
Lawrence – Chris Kerson
Maria – Cristina Doikos
Mother – Karen Giordano

Cinematographer – Wayne Arnold
Editor – Dan Simon
Music – Tom Ashton

Awake was developed at “The Indies Lab,”

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