IndependentFilmNow was developed to help promote independent film and film festivals. Send us information about your film and we’ll post it in our Promote Your Film section. We are also looking for people to review films. Reviewers will receive a byline and receive a free AMC or Regal movie pass and the review will be shared on our Facebook page. We remain open to any kind of article, whether it be a review or short essay. E-mail us at: independentfilmnow@gmail.com.

This website was developed by Mike Fishman. I have an M.A. in Film from American University and have worked as an agent’s assistant at ICM, membership coordinator for the Independent Feature Project, script reader for TriStar Pictures and the Tribeca Film Institute, and program coordinator for the Columbia University Film Program. I have served as a member of the selection committee for the Hamptons International Film Festival and Blow-Up Film Festival (Chicago), and currently serve as a juror for KIDSFirst! Film Festival.

I’ve made a few short films and hope to make more. One is a ten-minute film about Van Morrison fans that proved popular on YouTube and with the fans. I hope to make a longer version one day. Here’s the short film:

Another ongoing project is finding a way to share the art of my late brother, Seth, an artist who passed away some years ago at the age of twenty. I put together a blog with some images of his art work, which can be seen here: http://sethalanfishman.blogspot.com/

I decided to start photographing his art works and put them together into a slide show. I made a short version which can be seen below; a longer version will be forthcoming as I get more photographs done. I hope you enjoy this current version.

Here’s a short video I made about my good friend, musician Larry Abram back when I was in film school. The narration is by a fellow student at the time, Jennifer Millette:

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